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5 Easy and Fun DIY Halloween Crafts to Try at Home 

Halloween isn’t just the season for spooks and screams. It’s also the best time to channel your inner crafter and create the most frighteningly fun props and paraphernalia. If you’re someone who hasn’t delved into the world of arts&crafts just yet, worry not! You don’t have to be a wizard or witch to concoct ghoulish charms and crafts. There are numerous easy-to-do crafts that you can create in the comfort of your home. Spookify your home with these DIY Halloween crafts!

Potion Pill Bottles

Got a horde of empty pill bottles just taking up space on your shelf? Don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, please take this as a chance to upcycle old plastic and turn them into petrifying potion bottles! This is the perfect prop for a witch or apothecary-themed party. Remove any labeling on your bottles, and you can rough them up with sandpaper to give them some texture. Next, paint your bottles (and lids) in the colors of Halloween! You can go with the classic black-and-white look, but you can go wild with any color you choose. After the paint has dried down, you can choose to paint potion labels or print them out and stick them to the bottles with mod podge. You can stop there and admire your works of art, or you can go the little extra mile and distress or layer on the paint to make it look used and antiqued. Add these bottles to your display, and watch them add magic to your Halloween!

Hand Bags — Literally

Why settle for plain boring bags when you can hand Halloween treats out in hand-shaped bags? Turn freaky into fashion with Frankenstein-like DIY handbags! You will need stretchy gloves, press-on nails, and a piece of ribbon. Glue the press-on nails to the fingertips of the glove. For the bag’s strap, attach the ribbon to the glove’s opening using fabric glue or directly sewing it. You can opt to glue a feather boa around the mouth of the glove to add some flare. Stick on googly eyes or plastic spiders around the glove to make it look even creepier! Fill your bags with candy, and they’re ready to roam around the party!

Halloween Wreath

Give your front door some spooky decor with a lovely Halloween-themed wreath! There are plenty of ways to customize a Halloween wreath. If you’ve got a wooden wreath, you can turn it into a gothic-looking prop by spraying it all black and adding other spooky elements like tiny toy spiders and pumpkins. Put the “fun” in functional by sticking assorted candies around your wreath! That way, you can skip placing a candy jar outside. Kids won’t need to knock on your door when the treats are already hanging off it! You can even suggest holding a Halloween wreath contest among your neighbors or friends so everyone can get creative.

Pumpkin Monster Mason Jars

If you can’t get enough of jack-o’-lanterns and everything pumpkin, try out this simple yet artistic little trick! as an addition to your home’s Halloween decor, or give them to family and friends as a gift! Start turning your jars into pumpkins by painting them orange. You can paint a pumpkin face or stick on black paper cutouts to create a jack-o-lantern face on the pot. Place different-sized jars on a desk or shelf and insert a candle inside each jar. Light the candles and admire your mini pumpkin monsters as they illuminate the room! Alternatively, you can keep the lids and paint them green to look like pumpkin leaves. Fill your jars with candy, seal them with the painted cover, and give them to your loved ones!

Paper Lantern Ghosts

This too-cute-to-be-spooky decor piece might be every lazy crafter’s favorite go-to DIY project. It’s something anyone can finish within a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for last-minute decor ideas, this might be well on its way to becoming one of your favorites! If you don’t have white or near-white paper lanterns at home, you can purchase them at dollar stores. Cut out oval shapes from any piece of black paper. Stick the paper cutouts onto the paper lanterns and form them into a face. You are now the proud owner of scarily cute paper lantern ghosts! Hang them outside your home and wait for them to go “boo!” 

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