Sim Only Activation

Step 1

In order for the device to activate, it will need to stay powered off.

If you submitted your activation during business hours, please wait 2 hours to insert your sim card.

If you have submitted for your activation after business hours, there can be delays. Some activations will process throughout the evening, however, we do not guarantee that. Activations submitted after hours can take until 10am the following morning.

Step 2

After waiting the designated amount of time, please insert your sim card while your device is powered off. After inserting your sim card, power your device on.

Step 3

Now you will want to connect your mobile devices to your device. Please review your user manual to complete connecting mobile devices.

Important note: If you are activating a device that we do not sell please know that we will do our best to assist you if an issue does arise. There are a lot of devices out there and while we do our best to educate ourselves on most devices there might be some we are unable to assist you with.