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The Best Small Beach Towns for Your Next Sizzling Summer Trip

Do you love basking under the sun and burying your toes in the sand? Does the smell of the salty sea breeze and the sound of crashing waves sound enticing to you? Do you want to take a stroll down a picture-ready boardwalk and eat only the freshest seafood? Then visiting a beach town might be the perfect summer trip for you! The US has plenty of world-class and worthwhile beach town hotspots. With each one having various things to offer its guests, who don’t want to be a part of the beach scene? Don’t forget to grab some sunscreen and your beach bag when you visit one (or all!) of these thrilling beach towns! 

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Nearing the shore of Casco Bay, Cape Elizabeth provides a scenic taste of a traditional Atlantic beach town with a tight-knit community and vibrant culture. With several inns and hotels around town, visitors to Cape Elizabeth will have plenty of places to explore and more, with biking being recommended by Maine’s official tourism website. If one wants to explore when not beach-going, the town has a rich history, including such aspects as lighthouses, bridges, and old downtown. There are also beautiful beaches, as one might expect from a list like this, including Crescent Beach, considered one of the best in the area. If you want a taste of the east coast beach life, odds are you won’t be disappointed by the beaches of Cape Elizabeth.

Sanibel Island, Florida 

Taking things a bit further south and closer to the tropics, things don’t decline in quality with the small island town of Sanibel Island off the western shore of Florida. Being famous for the beautiful, naturally quiet beaches, the island has a variety of energetic and relaxing activities for visitors. If you wish to get your blood pumping and your heart racing, you can participate in tennis, biking, or more artistic ventures like watching the theater. But if a quiet beach vacation is more your speed, more serene and natural experiences like birdwatching and fishing are also available. If you want a peaceful vacation in the southern United States to stretch your legs and clear your mind, then it’s likely Sanibel Island is the trip for you.

Isle of Palms, South Carolina

A few short miles away from the state capital of Charleston, the Isle of Palms is indicative of its name and acts as a cultural bridge between the northern and southern halves of America’s east coast. In addition to its calm, beautiful beaches, there are a plethora of things for you or any guests to do during your stay in town. These activities include kayaking, sailing, surfing, and land sports like golf or tennis. In addition, there are numerous different beaches to relax and enjoy your vacation at, and each one is unique in feel and nature. Overall, this quiet town has many things to do for the traveler, whether exciting or relaxing. 

Trinidad, California 

The western shore of the United States tends to have a distinct California culture for which the coast has become famous. While smaller and less well-known than other beach cities, perhaps this makes Trinidad a good vacation spot for those who want to experience California without the bustle of city life. Having a selection of bed & breakfasts and inns to stay in during your stay, you can take part in exhilarating activities such as hikes, kayaking, windsurfing, and other water sports. However, like the previous entries on this list, there are more relaxing ventures as well; these include exploring the naturally carved beaches and lagoon or enjoying the variety of eateries around town. It may be further up north and less busy than more famous beach towns, but you’ll have a peaceful stay in Trinidad while still having much to enjoy.

Paia, Hawaii

Ending off our list is a town in the state most famed for its gorgeous natural beaches and island culture: Paia, Hawaii. This small beach town on the island of Maui allows visitors to experience some of the island’s north shore culture. Along with the beautiful and peaceful Ho’okipa Beach Park, the town’s locals are very friendly and have an engaging culture and history that can be examined around the town. For vacationers, there are many ways to take your worries away, whether it be water sports like surfing or swimming or a relaxing trip to the Temple of Peace Spa. Overall, the town of Paia will allow explorers a unique view of Hawaiian culture and a relaxing time on the beach without getting overwhelmed by people or tourist traps.

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