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Scenic Cross-Country Routes to Travel Through

With various sights to see and things to do in each state of the US, why not go on a cross-country road trip and explore? Allow your eyes to feast on the ever-changing urban and natural landscapes as you move from place to place. Experience life in different areas and create memories that’ll last you a lifetime! There are a lot of ways you can go about your travels. Taking your car for a drive is one mode of transportation most people enjoy. Some even find it therapeutic, and adding a scenic road to drive on might be the cherry on top.

The Loneliest Road (US-50)

One of the longest interstates in the United States, US-50 stretches across the country, from the West Coast in California to the East in Maryland. Based primarily in Nevada, it was coined “The Loneliest Road” in 1986 by Life Magazine. The route often spans from civilization and into deserted areas such as the Nevada Desert and up to 17 mountain passes. Taking this road will allow for a long relaxing drive and a beautiful view of America’s natural landscape, as you will rarely have to deal with issues such as traffic or urban blockage on your trip. You will also be able to stop at several fascinating and entertaining places along your journey, such as the state capital Carson City, historic ghost towns, and beautiful national parks. If you happen to be taking a coast-to-coast trip across the US or even exploring Nevada, the Loneliest Road will make for an incredible journey.

Historic Route 66

If you want to get your traveling kicks, there’s almost no better place in America than Route 66. Being a cultural icon in its own right, Route 66 existed in the early days of highways and express lanes, established in 1926 when motor vehicles became widely available to the public. Running from Chicago to Los Angeles, the road became immortalized in works such as songs, television, and literature of multiple different eras. Even after it was slowly replaced by interstates, tollways, and freeways that allowed faster travel times, Route 66 still exists today as a scenic route in Illinois, Missouri, and New Mexico. Dotting the landscape of the now historic route are several stops and attractions that are sure to make your road trip journey a bit more fun. 

The Great River Road

Influencing the course of the land’s history for as long as the North American continent has existed, the Mississippi River is one of the most significant bodies of water in the United States. An extensive collection of roads follow along the river from its starting point at Lake Itasca to its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico; collectively, these roads are referred to as the Great River Road. When taking a road trip down this large path, you’ll drive through 10 different states and get a scenic view of both the river and the varying environments of the states as you travel through north and south. You can travel to great American cities like Minneapolis, St Louis, and New Orleans and explore historical landmarks and entertaining travel spots. Overall, a journey up or down the Great River Road would provide a refreshing drive you won’t soon forget.

The Pacific Coast (California State Route 1)

Lining the coast of the largest ocean in the world, California State Route 1 provides several beautiful views as you travel north or south down its road. Being the second-largest state route in the country, the Pacific Coast Highway was constructed in the 1930s. It provided several picturesque sites of California’s landscapes, such as beaches, mountains, and forests. It will allow you to experience the culture and history of the state as you make your journey, with several stops and landmarks along the way. These include San Francisco Bay, the Los Angeles area, and the San Diego Zoo. No matter which way you take up or down this historic highway, odds are you’ll experience a unique taste of California culture and get a scenic view of the landscape that formed it.

The Road to Nowhere (US-83)

Stretching from north to south across the American Midwest, US-83 is one of the longest highways in the country, with up to 1,885 miles in distance. Nicknamed “The Road to Nowhere” for varying reasons, this pathway follows a similar direction to the aforementioned Great River Road. It provides a scenic drive through unique ecosystems and state cultures as you make your journey. Whether it be historical sites such as the Sitting Bull Memorial and the Alamo, or entertainment spots like Wall Drug, there will be quite a bit of activity for travelers to do when they need to stretch their legs. With such a long drive from North Dakota to the southern tip of Texas, the Road to Nowhere highlights many must-see destinations for your American journey.

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