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Easy and Efficient Packing Techniques to Help You Store More Luggage

Packing and traveling are known to be the two sides of the same coin. When you move around, you need to bring everything you will and may need for the trip. Packing your luggage can be a pleasant and relaxing experience, but that may not always be the case for some travelers – especially if they only have so much luggage space to work with. Whether you’re short on time, can’t or don’t have enough bags, or the entire prep work and packing process just isn’t your cup of tea, there are things you can do to make things easier for you. Packing your luggage isn’t just about throwing your belongings into a suitcase and zipping it up. It’s making sure you’re confident and ready to travel, knowing you’ve got everything you need with you. These packing techniques will help you organize and efficiently pack your luggage without having to compromise too much on space.

Roll ‘Em Up!

Probably one of the most tried, tested, and trusted methods used by frequent travelers is to roll up their clothes. You can always just fold your clothing as most normally would, but if you’re looking to maximize every bit of space in your suitcase, then rolling your clothes up is a must-try. This is an especially good method to use if you’re packing something other than a suitcase, such as a backpack or maybe even a gym bag. This way, you can pack more clothes even with less space! One good thing about this technique is that you not only use up all of the space in your luggage bag, but you also minimize wrinkles on your clothes. You do have to note though that while you can freely use this method on casual clothing, it might not exactly be the best way to pack formal clothing. 

Bundle Them Together

Another easy and efficient way to pack your clothing is to bundle them up. This method also decreases the chances of getting creases and wrinkles on your clothing. Packing your clothes in bundles can be done by wrapping or covering smaller clothing over larger ones in a clean, careful manner. Most travelers usually start with underwear or a shirt and then cover it with pants or a coat. If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead and pick out your outfit of the day for the whole week in advance, then this method is going to be your favorite way to pack! This system of packing is also especially helpful for those who don’t have the luxury of time to curate a good outfit on the go, as you can just pick out a pre-planned one. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Travel-Size!

Travel-sized items exist for a reason. When it comes to traveling, the size of your items and how much space they take up in your luggage are essential to determining whether or not your movables are traveler-friendly. And by traveler-friendly, that means the stuff you bring won’t unnecessarily hog too much space in your bags, be much of a hassle to carry around, and abide by the Transportation Security Administration or TSA’s rules. Examples of these are combs, towels, and other toiletries. On the topic of bringing toiletries with you, especially liquids, there’s one rule the TSA would like to remind every traveler: 3-1-1. The 3-1-1 rule is designed to control the amount of liquids that can be brought aboard planes for safety reasons. The “3” means that all the liquids you bring with you should be placed in at most a 3.4 ounce container. The first “1” means the containers should be placed in a single clear resealable plastic bag. The second “1” means that only one plastic bag can be used to store all of your containers. Make sure to keep this rule in mind when packing so you don’t run into any trouble!

Maximize Space – With Your Shoes!

If you’re dead set on not letting even the smallest of spaces go to waste, then you might like this little trick travelers use. You’ll likely be traveling with more than just one pair of footwear. If you’re bringing a pair of closed shoes, such as sneakers, then you’re in luck. When not in use, your spare shoes can be used as additional storage for any small-sized items you want to bring with you. You can place things such as socks, jewelry, an extra pair of sunglasses, or even extra cash in your shoes. This way, you don’t have to rack your brains trying to figure out where you’re supposed to place your smaller valuables. Once you reach a hotel or a similar place, you can simply remove the items from your shoes and place them on a desk or in a drawer for safekeeping.

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