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Top RV Parks for Short-Term Stays

When it comes to RV travel and lifestyle, RV parks will always be a topic for discussion. RV parks are places where you can relax or hold events with or for your family. These parks and camping grounds ensure your outdoor RV experience is smooth and safe. The ideal RV park is somewhere that replenishes your amenities like water and power and offers you valuable service during your stay. For short-term stays, here are some of the best RV parks to add to your map:

Gulf State Park Campground

If you’re traveling through the southeastern belt of the United States on a quick-paced road trip, one could hook up their RV in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and enjoy a brief stay at the Gulf State Park Campgrounds. As indicative of the name, the campgrounds are located close to the shore of Alabama’s gulf coast, meaning beachgoers staying at the park will only have a short journey from the grounds to the beach. In addition, hiking is a draw for visitors as the 25-mile Hugh Branyon Backcountry Trail is accessible at multiple points throughout the campgrounds. If you’re worried about space or pricing, know that there are nearly 500 sites for your RV at Gulf State, and the cost for a night is only about $48-$63 per night. All these factors and more make Gulf State Park great for a short-term stay during your vacation.

Odeta Camping Resort

With hookups being a steal at only $37 a night, Connecticut’s Odeta Camping Resort is excellent for quick jaunts while making your way across the eastern US. Being a spa resort and an RV park, the grounds provide travelers with many great ways to unwind after a long trip. These include massages, pedicures, and facials; there are activities for younger guests, like a water play area and an outdoor pool where parties are occasionally held. This outdoor pool also has a jacuzzi, not to mention there are two restaurants and a movie theater nearby for further entertainment. If you want more physical and energetic activities, the resort still offers plenty, with kayaking, fishing, and canoeing available on the nearby lakes and beaches. With so much to do for so little a night, stopping at the Odeta Camping Resort would provide a great experience. 

Lums Pond State Park

A few states away from the previously mentioned Odeta, Lums Pond State Park is worth about $25-$45 a night and provides an excellent short-term stay and family adventure. There are plenty of activities near the grounds that are fun for younger travelers and families to do together, such as playgrounds and a treetop adventure course filled with obstacles and zip lines. Some activities will also be fun for older guests, such as horseback riding, disc golf, fishing, and boating. If you only plan on a one-night trip, features such as showers, concessions, and picnic areas make a quick stay more efficient and manageable. The New England area provides a great outdoor experience, and nowhere is that more clear than at Lums Pond State Park.

Crossings Winery and RV Park

Deep in the historic Oregon Trail lies an exciting stop on your road trip called Crossings Winery and RV Park, with hookups costing around $15-$35 per night. This winery happens to be one of the oldest family-owned ones in the state, if not the most senior. In addition to having a long-spanning and historical legacy, the winery offers travelers weekly tours and wine tastings that make the trip and a quick stay on the park grounds worth it. In addition to these events, there also happens to be other attractions to the RV park, such as restaurants, taverns, and a nine-hole golf course. This park may have less to do than the others on this list, but the experience is one of a kind and great to do for a short-term stay. 

Shooting Star RV Resort

Being found in Escalante, Utah, Shooting Star RV Resort happens to be located near several vital destinations on a potential road trip and only costs more than the others on this list, with $129-$149 for a two-night stay. However, with some of the nearby sights, such as Bryce Canyon National Park, which is famous for its natural hoodoo structures, you may find the higher price is worth it. Bryce Canyon isn’t the only nearby natural structure close by, however, as Kodachrome Basin and Staircase-Escalante National Monument are only a short drive away. If raw or historical viewing isn’t your speed, you can find more mundane enjoyments, such as an outdoor movie theater near the grounds. Despite a brief stay being a bit pricier, you may find the surrounding attractions may make the trip worth it.

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