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Top Wireless Technology Trends in 2022

The era of wired technologies like landlines is slowly burying into the ground. While wireless developments are on the verge of expansion so huge, we cannot imagine our lives without them. Latest technologies like robots, auto-pilot vehicles, and drones exploit wireless technology that is constantly being upgraded and developed There is a lot that wireless technology has to offer, so take a look at the ways these trends can benefit you.

Here are the top wireless technology trends of 2022-

Trend #1- Vehicle-to-Everything Wireless: V2X or Vehicle-to-everything wireless technology allows conventional and self-driving vehicles to connect and communicate with each other, devices nearby, and the road infrastructure itself. The V2X wireless system also offers other helpful safety features, navigation assistance, and much more. This technology is on a path to becoming a key regulatory requirement in the automobile industry.

Trend #2- Wi-Fi: You’re already familiar with the most common wireless technology there is. Wi-Fi is a high-performing networking technology for homes and workplaces. Wi-Fi capabilities have expanded to support other networking technologies like radar systems, two-factor authentication methods, and many others. The potential of what can be done with Wi-Fi is limitless.

Trend #3- 5G: Even with all of the expansive marketing that surrounds it, 5G technology is still in its developmental stages. Realistically, it will be at least 5 years before it is fully deployed in many industries, but 5G cellular offers are already used as Wi-Fi technology.  They’re cost-effective and provide vast high-speed data networking options in large facilities like airports and factories.

Today most internet service providers today only sell it as a high-speed broadband option, but we’re not alone when we see 5G as the future for the internet of things (IoT) and other low-latency applications.

Trend #4- Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWA): The biggest advantage LPWA networks provide is the distance that connection can cover. This could be cities or in some cases even nations. The low power bandwidth requirements LPWA’s provide an extensive increase in battery life, so this technology is commonly put to in use small, battery-operated and low-cost devices such as trackers and sensors. Some low power wide area networks are NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, and Sigfox.

Trend #5- Low-Range Wireless Power: Wireless technologies are quickly developing, and you can see wireless device chargers are already very common. They are quick, efficient and some have a range that allows them to charge a device up to a meter away. Are wired connections becoming a thing of the past?

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