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Van-Life Lovers: What Is the Best On-the-Road WiFi?

There are two types of people in our society: homebodies and rovers. Some people stay home and enjoy the comforts of their predictable life, while others enjoy the unpredictability of traveling from place to place with no destination in mind. Staying home allows for continuous access to the internet, but traveling proves to have its difficulties. Even those who enjoy traveling deserve to have a consistent and stable connection that will allow them to stay up to date with society. The best WiFi for van life lovers is a service that allows them to bring WiFi on the road. Portable internet can allow van-life lovers the opportunity to securely connect to the internet. Why? Because it’s in the name! Portable WiFi is portable and can be brought anywhere and everywhere across the United States. Van-life lovers no longer have to make compromises when finding ways to remain connected. Instead, they can embark on their journey while still keeping up with their family, work, social media, or favorite online novel!

On-the-Road WiFi Travels With You

Traveling has its uncertainties, and these uncertainties include the possibility of having a slow internet connection, or worse, no connection at all. Internet access is crucial for van lovers. To travel around safely in their van, they need access to the internet to secure a remote position that pays for the travel or to keep up to date with those close to them. There could be a myriad of reasons for wanting access to the internet, and each reason is valid. Finding a suitable WiFi service can be difficult because all services are different. And for those who travel often, it’s more complex than just choosing a stagnant internet provider. Everyone deserves an available service that doesn’t disconnect on a whim. And for RVers who aren’t promised a stable connection, they deserve access to a reliable service that remains connected, no matter where they may end up. Portable internet services can provide that comfort, the freedom to travel while still having the ability to connect to the internet. The best on-the-road WiFi is… well…WiFi on the go. Van lovers who want to have a reliable internet source should choose a portable service. Portable internet devices will allow travelers to bring the service wherever they travel. Portable internet service is often small in size, allowing it to travel and function in the most desolate of locations, even when accessed on foot. The portability of the device makes it compact enough to carry on a van without it taking up more room than needed. This is important, as vans have limited space and need the extra room to hold necessities.

On-the-Go WiFi Is High-Quality

When purchasing a portable WiFi service, the best on the road WiFi is higher quality but still affordable. The price of the service should not affect the quality of the service, and van lovers should still receive quality service while not spending an arm and a leg to do so. There are three quality features to look out for when purchasing on-the-go WiFi.
  • The speed of the internet service. The slower the speed, the worse the quality of the service will be. This means that search engines will take longer to load, messages will take longer to send, and videos will be more pixelated and take longer to buff.
  • The maximum monthly capacity of the service, which is measured by gigabytes. RVers should always choose more than anticipated because the more gigabytes are available, the more that can be done.
  • The number of devices that can be connected to the service at once, which is dependent on how many devices are owned. These features will determine how well the service is for each customer, and each customer should be able to determine a service that suits their needs.

On-the-Go WiFi Is Reliable

Not all WiFi services are reliable. Most might not work when traveling to remote locations. It’s not uncommon for internet service providers (ISP) to only sponsor one carrier, making it difficult for the service to be used whenever and wherever. For the customers, this is extremely unfair, especially for those traveling often where the service may not work as anticipated. As a van lover, it’s crucial to have access to a service that works, even when continuously traveling. And how is the customer supposed to ensure the service works without first purchasing the product and testing it out? Good ISPs will offer a trial period, where customers can get their money back if the service doesn’t work as anticipated. A reliable form of portable internet will allow the van lover to trade out services when needed, and this can prove to be difficult if a contract is in play. Van lovers who are forced to sign a one to two-year contract are unable to change providers when needed. The contract will secure the customer, making it difficult for them to leave the provider later down the road. When deciding to break a contract, it could easily result in the provider charging hidden fees, a cancelation fee, and even force the customer to continue paying until the end of the month. Van lovers deserve to find a service that doesn’t require a contract, in the event that they need to switch providers. And van lovers deserve the opportunity to try a service with no commitment, ensuring that it can handle consistent traveling while still allowing devices a secure and high-quality connection.

The Best On-the-Road WiFi Is with OTR Mobile

When searching for the best on-the-road WiFi, there are very few providers that offer complete portability without fail. At OTR Mobile, we’re proud to announce that we’re a leading provider of portable internet that doesn’t come with contracts or hidden fees. Instead, we focus on what our primary audience is looking for: a reliable source of portable internet that is affordable and durable. Our products include devices that are portable and easy to carry, such as our Freedom Plan, which is a service that offers 200 hours of continuous charge and can allow up to five devices to be connected at once. Our multi-carrier device is small and easy to carry in a bag or purse and houses 2 charging stations. It allows your phone, tablet, or laptop to remain connected even when crossing state lines. With over 40 years of combined wireless experience, our customer support is ready to help you embark on a journey of connection. We provide van travelers with a form of the internet we know they can trust. If you’re a van-lifer and want to have access to a continuous internet service, then visit OTR Mobile and get WiFi anywhere you go. It even comes with a 15-day free trial!

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